The Restaurant

The Restaurant

At the restaurant the guests can enjoy local flavours and specialities. Customers who are not hotel guests are kindly recommended to make an early reservation.

Ristorante dell'Agriturismo Cudacciolu

Local Menù

  • Entries: Cold cuts appetizers, cheese, olives and pickled vegetables from our garden.
  • Main courses: Gnocchi, ravioli, gallurese soup
  • Second course: Roasted pork with sausage and potatoes.
  • Dessert: Seadas with honey.
  • Drinks: Water, red or white wine, liquor and coffee.

The hotel guests can enjoy local dishes from our à la carte menu without prior reservation. Handmade pasta and gnocchi made with durum wheat flour and water. Ravioli filled with fresh ricotta cheese, parsley and lemon; whole wheat flour pasta made with eggs from our own farm raised chickens.

The menu of the restaurant includes the gallurese soup, a traditional dish from Gallura usually served at weddings or on special occasions. The steak from our own farm born cattle with seasonal vegetables can be a succulent second course or main dish. Ground beef medallions with parsley and garlic or the grilled slice are served as alternative to the steak.

Coeliac and other Food Intolerance

Food intolerance or food diseases, such as the coeliac disease, have been dramatically increasing in the past years. Customers suffering from such food allergies will be provided with gluten-free products.

Half Board

Hotel guests are offered half board which includes dinner and breakfast.

Every night at 8.30 pm, dinner time is announced with a bell ring. Customers can sit at the big table of the restaurant and make acquaintance with the farmhouse guests in a friendly atmosphere.


The dinner consist in:

  • Cold cut appetizers, cheese, olives and homemade pickled vegetables.
  • Two main courses
  • A meat-based dish
  • Dessert
  • Liquor & Coffee
  • Wine and water

The half board menu of the restaurant changes daily to offer the guests the opportunity to enjoy a whole variety of dishes. Traditional specialties are served two nights a week.


We believe that a rich breakfast is a healthy way to start the day!

Our breakfast includes:

homemade jam, honey, homemade bread, local milk and butter, biscuits and cakes made with fresh eggs from our farm,  coffee, tea and daily made raw milk yogurt. Breakfast is served from 08:00 am to 10:00 am.


Vegetarian customers are always welcome at our farm!

Traditional dishes, such as gnocchi and ravioli, can be adapted for the vegetarian guests by simply using fresh made tomato sauce. Gallurese soup with vegetable broth is also available on request.

The vegetarian menu for the guests staying at our farm changes daily.

It includes: fresh egg omeletes with zucchini and rucola salad as well as fried or baked ricotta cheese balls. The dishes with pecorino or provolone cheese, or the mazza frissa can be served as a main course. All our cakes contain only butter fat.